Browse any websites from Linux Terminal using DDGR.

Linux Terminal has lots of features and terminal is very important for Linux users. If you are a Linux user then you will understand what I mean. But if you are not, then let me show you how can you browser webpages using the DUCK DUCK GO search engine from the terminal.

Yes, you heard it right. You can browse any websites Directly From the Terminal and even using Duck Duck Go search engine. 

there are Some simple codes you have to run and I’m using Ubuntu (WLS) for making this tutorial. Also, we can use the Google search engine but I will show that in another article. 


Just fire up your Terminal and Run 

Sudo apt-get install python3.5 xsel xclip

ddgr requires Python 3.5. 

Install ddgr using the package manager. ddgr is packaged for many Linux distributions and available in the official repositories. 

sudo apt install ddgr

Install latest ddgr standalone version

Git clone ddgr repository:

git clone

Go to the ddgr directory and run it like below.

cd ddgr/


And it’s done you can browse any website you want.

This is a quick guide for Ubuntu and in the next part of the article I will cover some other Linux Distro and also will cover some additional tricks like “Safe Search” etc

Author: Biplab Das

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