As we already know that Xiaomi has always aggressive pricing on its products and especially on their Phones. Last year in 2019 the K20 pro was the best phone on the market, this phone offers you everything on a budget. And yes I’m using this phone from Nov2019.

There are few cons on this phone:-

  1. The Front Camera Could be better.
  2. Almost invisible Display on sun.

But when its come to the price of this phone, you can easily ignore those cons.

So lets go to the point why im talking about an old phone.

A few days ago in China, a developer found a way to flash the “ROM” of the K20 pro which increased the Display refresh rate up to 75Hz. And also the developer mentioned that “there is no significant difference if we compare this with any 90Hz display phone.

But its MOD so it may damage the device, and there is no guarantee for that. But we will need more testing results from the developers around the world before we trying that on our primary device.

Biplab Das
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