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Basically, the current situation is lockdown everywhere, and that is the only weapon we have against the Nobel Corona Virus. So we all locked in our houses for quite some weeks. Yes, its been 1 whole month then I haven’t been out. And here India it will be continued till 3rd May and there is no surety for getting unlocked. 

But I don’t want to talk about the lockdown instead I want to share something that can help you to stay entertained and it will be totally free.

so let’s dig in. 

We all know about Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Hotstar, BBC, etc there are tons of streaming services fully loaded with millions of unique TV shows and even updated movies. But for accessing them you have to get a subscription, which means it’s not free. 

Then you dig into the internet or lots of forum-based market places or Facebook groups for buying an account for the subscriptions in cheap. But that is illegal. I will never support anyone if you are doing this.

Well instead of doing this, I can tell you about the Popcorn time. what is that?

You may hear of torrents and even you may use it, you can know more about that here

popcorn time is a Streaming Service, which is totally free and it runs on torrent. The backbone of the Popcorn time is Bittorent, so anything you watching using Popcorn-Time its directly coming from torrent servers. 

Meanwhile, torrents are not legal in all countries so you will need a VPN for that, but we will talk about that bit later, let me talk about the features of Popcorn time.


Popcorn time is not available on any store, so you just need to visit their website from this link, and you can download and install it on your devices. 

After downloading the installing the Popcorn-Time on your devices just run that and you will get this screen.

Popcorn time never asks for Creating or log in any account. You can start streaming content right away.

Now click on any content you want to stream, and you will get a view like this and here you can select and change the subtitles and also can select the streaming quality.

Now if you click on “Watch Now” it will ask you to install “Safe watch”. The safe watch is basically a VPN and it’s built on Popcorn time but if you already have a good VPN so you can ignore the safe watch, as I feel it’s not that safe to use than the VPNs like PrivateVPN which I use.

So if you are using any other VPN then you can just close the “Safe Watch” window and again click on “Watch it now” and then click on “Don’t use safe Watch”.

And even after that, you will get that notification, so if you are already connected with a VPN just ignore it, because it is just an advertisement from that for selling their VPN.

There is already a review and tutorial about Popcorn-Time on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. And you can also check out that.

Author: Biplab Das

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